Since You’ve Been Gone…

I’m not sure where you are right now, or who’s love you share
I often sit back and wonder if you’re the same as I remember, so handsome with the perfect sinners stare

I promised I’d never leave you, and you promised me the same
Yet I’m the only one who kept that promise, I’d love to know what changed

I’ve kept you with me always, never leaving you behind
I’ve kept you safe deep inside my heart and constantly in my mind

The necklace that you gave me, secured around my neck, has remained there since I last saw you
It’s my only piece of you, to prove that it was real
But now I’m lost without you and I don’t like the way it feels

A thousand nights have passed us, where I haven’t seen your face
My only wish is that one day, we can go back to our happy place

Even though we were only young, you left a mark so deep
You’re my only thought, my only image, each night when I go to sleep

Since you’ve been gone, I’ve learnt a lot
To laugh, love and care, but without you here beside me
What’s really left to share?

Those nights of constant laughter, the wicked games we’d play
I honestly thought we were forever, that you’d never go away

So many years without you, I’ve tried so hard to love
But nothing’s ever felt the same, it’s as if you were my only drug

My friends were worried about me, they could tell I wasn’t the same
I’m thankful for what we had, I just guess you never felt the same…

Love, Lucy



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