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#Love #Loss #SecondChances

✳️ Excerpt ✳️
I watch as he slowly retreats back to her room and, wait… what’s that? I tilt my head slightly while holding on for dear life to the thin sheets currently protecting me. Has he got her thong around his neck? He bloody has as well. What the hell have I got myself into with this one? I knew she was wild, but having strangers coming back, who openly stalk sleeping women is pushing it way too far. I need to make it clear to her that this isn’t okay. Not one bit.

“I think I’m gonna take this as a souvenir, sugar.” He says while pulling on the thin string of fabric, before pinging it off his bare flesh. I really hope that’s a clean pair and not the ones she had on last night. I feel absolutely violated and it’s not even my underwear around his neck.

“Be my guest. Plenty more where that came from big boy.”
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